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Leading frontend frameworks to provide users of websites with the best experiences.

We have more than 20 years of experience.

Novicell has over 20 years of experience in utilising rapidly evolving front-end technologies. We are experts in Vue.js and React frameworks, which leverage standard functionalities to build customer-oriented services and ensure performance and scalability.

Differentiate yourself from competitors

The user interface is the closest the company's website gets to the market and customers. It’s also an opportunity to differentiate oneself from competitors. Modern front-end frameworks enable this effectively.

Why you should choose Novicell as a partner

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    We have over 20 years of experience with front-end technologies and create solutions that digitally differentiate your brand.

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    Technology agnostic

    We have expertise in multiple front-end technologies and are not tied to specific systems.

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    We ensure that UX requirements drive the use of front-end technology.

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    We ensure the effective utilisation of underlying data.

New design for Skagenfood

For Skagenfood, Novicell created a visual and modern design with plenty of space for storytelling and the implementation of video. The expression is dynamic and alive and is aimed at the target group, which appreciates the quality of the expression. With large, appetising images, food appeal is emphasised in the new design. At the same time, the completely new menu structure and a smart sticky filter ensure an improved user experience across the entire site.

“Novicell has been very accommodating and flexible throughout the process, which has required something from all parties, as the modernisation of our previous platform necessitated a lot of investigations and new development. The improved frontend now in the pipeline is our first step together. We look forward to the series of upcoming improvements that are just around the corner that will further elevate the customer experience.” 

Foto af Peter Bagge
Peter Bagge, Founder & Director