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Design and UX

Experiences, business and brands - Ease of use produces results

Ease of use produces results

We design web solutions based on analyses, data and user tests. The focus is on usability and digital conversions, while we develop your visual identity together. To give you a better feel for layout and functionality, we design directly in the browser. Then you know how the website actually works on the various devices - right from the start.

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Strategy & Business design

UX and design are connected with engaging and smooth experiences as well as the development of new products and services. However, our work with strategically led transformation and digital innovation is also rooted in design and in design-thinking methodologies.

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Service Design

Service Design is the organisation and optimisation of the total service experience in an interaction between physical and digital touchpoints. We know what it takes to create one-stop service across contact points. We help uncover your customers' needs through user-centred methods; data crunching and mapping of user journeys.

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Brand Design

Novicell helps identify and activate brand potentials. We work with storytelling, visual identity, brand alignment and identification of unique propositions. The result is a clear alignment of expectations, credibility and strengthened relationships.

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Product design

We ensure a product design that is user-friendly from both an emotional and a rational point of view. Methodologically, we test the product's functionality through co-creation with customers, prototypes, user involvement and market validation.

Are you being seen?

What do you look like – and can your (potential) customers recognise you? If you don't move on design, you don't move at all. The visual literally steals the scene. And the eyes. If you fail to create attention visually, you might as well throw texts and offers for products and services overboard right away. Because then your reader (or viewer) has slipped away again.

Selected companies we have helped with design & UX