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Marketing automation

Optimise your efforts and strengthen the user journey

Why work with marketing automation?

With marketing automation, you can communicate personally and relevantly with your customers and leads - on a large scale. In this way, you can guide the customer in complex buying processes and support long-term customer relationships. Marketing automation is relevant for BtB sales or subscription services, where the supplier and the collaboration itself are just as important as the product. But also for marketeers who work with BtC or commerce, where with marketing automation you can increase the bottom line through, for example, abandoned baskets, repurchase flows and related product messages.

Marketing automation and customer service

Marketing automation can also be used in connection with your customer service, which automatically sends out satisfaction surveys and/or the sales organisation, which must effectively work with leads - and often in collaboration with other platforms such as CRM (customer relationship management) and customer data in a CDP (customer data platform).

With marketing automation you can...

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    Design the customer journey and touchpoints

    You send automatic content in the decision-making process and thus support the customer at critical points in the customer journey by delivering the right content at the right time.

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    Collect behavioural data automatically

    You track the customer's activity and behaviour in relation to your business and connect the data to the customer's profile. For example, also use automation to collect and maintain your customer data.

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    Build strategic lead scoring

    You set up qualifying criteria for the lead's activities, which define when the lead is ready for a sales dialogue or other processing. Reduce manual processes and increase your efficiency.

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    Building a journey across channels

    Marketing Automation is no longer only about email, but also about hitting the consumer with a series of messages across the board - i.e. if a customer does not respond to your email, then automatically hit them with a similar message on Facebook for example.

Reap the benefits of automated betting

There are many advantages to working with marketing automation. Regardless of the type of business and customers you have to support, automating your processes and communication can help with:

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    Increased conversion of your marketing and sales efforts

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    Improved communication with your customers and leads

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    Increased revenue and streamlining of your sales

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    Manual tasks

    Reduce manual tasks and processes

Which marketing automation system should you choose?

With the right marketing automation system, you will be able to streamline and optimise your marketing and sales efforts. But the systems can be a jungle to find your way around - and it can be expensive to make the wrong choice.

Choice of marketing automation and CRM system

At Novicell, we have many years of experience in guiding our customers in choosing the right marketing automation and CRM system, where you can continuously develop your setup and where the system can grow with your ambitions. We are certified experts in a number of systems and always recommend systems objectively based on your needs and wishes for user interface, handling and costs.

We review the following

✔   What goals and ambitions do we want to achieve with a marketing automation system?

✔   What does your current setup and data structure look like?

✔   Which processes and user journeys should we focus on?

✔   What features must a new system have? What should it cost?

✔   Demo of the platforms that match your needs

✔   Implementation and training in new marketing automation system

Set goals

In order to be successful with marketing automation, we always recommend that we set goals and ambitions for future efforts together. In this way, you are sure that each individual activity supports your overall goals. Regardless of whether it is about increased customer satisfaction, faster and better follow-up on sales leads, or higher turnover in your webshop.

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