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Novicell Launches New Premium Website Solution

An increasing demand for more cost effective and simpler web solutions is forming the basis of the new Umbraco website solution for ‘best-practice websites with no recurring fees’, which we have now launched.

Published November 11, 2020 By Mikkel Keller Stubkjær

Novicell Launches New Premium Website Solution

Are you spending too much on expensive annual licence fees for your Content Management System? Would you like to change that? Then our new offering, Novicell Premium, might be just for you.

Novicell Premium is a plug-and-play website solution that easily adapts to every brand. Instead of building every new website from scratch, we have created a package with all our best practices based on our 21 years of experience building websites for companies worldwide.

- Umbraco Premium is aimed at companies that want a well-built website solution with a flexible and straightforward design. We have a strong focus on delivering high-quality solutions, and this product launch couldn’t fit better with that philosophy, says Mikkel Keller, Head of Development at Novicell UK.

Save licence fees

The premium product helps customers save money on expensive licence software as there is no recurring licensing fee on the platform, making it an easier and cheaper way for companies to get a well-functioning website up and running within a few weeks:

- "With Novicell Premium, we can rapidly deliver a website within a minimal amount of time and at a very competitive price. On top of this, because we re-use the same battle-proven solution, we also mitigate typical delivery-related risks like budget overrun and late delivery. But most importantly, we eliminate the recurring licence fees, which leaves room in the budget for customisation", says Mikkel Keller.

The product is relevant for small e-commerce solutions and large enterprise projects. This is, among other things, possible because the product is built on technology that can be activated and scaled as needed.

With our premium solution, you’ll get:

  • An open-source CMS with no licence fee
  • Fast time-to-market with your future website based on best practices
  • Reduced delivery-related risk with our proven method based on a scoping workshop
  • Your future website customised to your exact needs
  • Scalability to meet any global enterprise requirements
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