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Ege Carpets

Ege Carpets is one of Europe’s largest textile flooring manufacturers. They approached Novicell with an aim to create a new website that suited their customer’s needs and search behaviour perfectly. Ege Carpet’s new corporate site is designed to inspire action and optimise the user journey at every point.

New corporate website designed to inspire action

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growth in the number of new HubSpot contacts

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Audience Specific Design

Ege Carpets’ target group is primarily B2B customers with an eye for design: architects, designers, hotel managers and carpet fitters. With a visually orientated target audience, a key task for Ege Carpets’ new website was to inspire these customers to incorporate their products into their existing designs. We created a website with a uniquely creative experience. There are many opportunities for web visitors to get a closer look at a rug/ carpet and create their own personal vision of the product in use. For example, users can position a rug in various locations to see what it would look like in a hotel room or in open office landscapes.

Pre-analysis was critical

We began the process with a thorough preliminary analysis to address the specific concerns of Ege Carpets’ site visitors. The results indicated that Ege Carpets must cater for two very different B2B user types: Those who want inspiration and suggestions for rug types, patterns and colours for a current project Those with a firm idea of their desired product and who need to be able to order a carpet sample, find information and download specifications quickly and efficiently. They must find it easy to shop with Ege Carpets


What we delivered

3D visualisation tool

To enhance the website’s UX, a 3D visualisation tool was integrated to allow users to design a carpet, apply different colours and receive a close-up of a product by mouse hover. This tool would enable users to detect any problems from the early stages, once again satisfying the needs of the visually orientated customer.

Marketing automation

The new website needed to enable earlier and closer contact with customers. For this reason, we facilitated an integration with Ege Carpets’ Marketing Automation System, HubSpot. When potential customers order a carpet sample, for example, the integration triggers a message to an Ege Carpets’ employee who can help the customer further their selection.

Dynamicweb Content Management System (CMS)

The new and improved Ege Carpets website was built on the Dynamicweb CMS renowned for its: Good opportunities for quick integration with underlying business systems Good language versions and ability to handle multiple websites in the same solution Large selection of additional modules ready to be built on top e.g., Dynamicweb’s own PIM system The solution is built in Dynamicweb version 9.8 and has four language layers: English, Danish, German and French – with English as the master version.

"With the new website (ege.dk), we have a visually beautiful site that our customers praise. This is important to us because we are a design company that must be able to inspire our customers in every way we can. At the same time, we have made the right integrations to our marketing systems so that we can help our interested customers earlier in their user journeys."

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Jan Magdal Poulsen, Group Marketing Director
EGE Group