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a Korean city on a cliff

Korea Tourism Organisation

Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) is the official promoter of tourism for the Republic of Korea (South Korea). Its goal is to spread information about the country’s unique heritage worldwide, to promote Korea as a world-class travel destination, and create awareness of Korean culture by strengthening and developing its tourism industry.

Raising awareness of South Korea as a travel destination  

Through the power of video advertising, we helped KTO to raise awareness of Korea as a travel destination. The campaign’s results were impressive and surpassed expectations for impressions and video views:

3 0 M


1.5 0 M

video views

50 0 %

view completion rate

The YouTube campaign

After careful consideration with KTO, we decided to focus most of their budget on YouTube advertising. The heavy weighting towards YouTube was down to the channel’s popularity – especially for their target demographic: K-pop fans and 14-35 years old

When KTO came to us, the idea was to do 100% YouTube advertising. We advocated for a more nuanced approach by including Programmatic video advertising in the mix. This would enable their videos to be seen in relevant advertising spaces across the internet – not just on YouTube. This would target individuals:  

- Interested in Asian food 
- Lovers of and travellers to Asian destinations  
- Frequent travellers 
- Researching long-haul holidays 

"The results Novicell helped us to achieve exceeded our expectations. We managed to reach our target audience with information about the content and, most importantly, they conveyed. It was a very successful collaboration, and we are more than happy to work with them in the future.”  

Olivia Buckley, Marketing Assistant
Korea Tourism Organisation