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Digital Roadmap

Realise your future ambitions with a digital roadmap

A wealth of digital possibilities

Watch the video and learn how to navigate a changing market and how to identify your opportunities with a digital roadmap. Our CTO, Adam Peter Nielsen, has advised international companies and brands on how to build and execute digital roadmaps that deliver business value and at the same time ensure that your tech stack stays flexible for any future business needs.

'We help you achieve your business goals and ambitions by building a digital roadmap with concrete initiatives that fit your business strategy.'

Adam Peter Nielsen
CTO, Novicell

Why do you need a roadmap?

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    Grow your business

    You have not identified the initiatives required to meet future ambitions. And you also don't know what it takes to operationalise your initiatives.

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    Growth initiatives

    You have an overarching strategic ambition, but don't know what it takes to realise it.

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    Timeline and what it depends on

    You may have a plan, but you don't know what it requires and what other projects it depends on. We help you navigate and build a roadmap.

What will be the results?

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    Baseline review

    • Baseline review of your current situation and performance • Identification of areas to improve • Identification of the gaps that must be filled in order to support future ambitions

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    Digital ambitions & projects

    • Concretise business ambitions and build a roadmap in executable chunks that support the ambitions • Clear overview of resources and dependencies

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    Solution design that supports the process

    • Evolutionary solution design, which supports the digital roadmap, and the capacities required to realise your ambitions

Example of a digital roadmap process

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What is the strategy?

We must be introduced to vision and goals. What is your strategy? Where does it take place (Markets and channels)? How do you win (Marketing channels, CDP, sales platforms, omni-channel)?High performance (sellers, margin, customer satisfaction)? What initiatives are you considering to be able to grow in the future?

The current situation

We must be introduced to your current issues. What does the current system landscape look like? What does the organisation look like? What are the biggest pain points you have right now (Complexities, capabilities, bottlenecks)?

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Sales and marketing performance review

• Review of your existing performance. • Baseline review of your sales and marketing performance • Identification of areas and initiatives that can be improved and thus provide both long- and short-term growth • Recommendation of operational initiatives

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The future tech landscape

• Recommendation for future setup. • What systems are needed to ensure continued growth? • What will the IT architecture look like in the future? • What are the recommended platforms? • What will the recommended system landscape cost? • What systems are required to ensure continued growth?

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Digital roadmap (initiatives)

• A plan for how you reach your goals in manageable steps. • Which projects must be initiated and what does it require? • What does the recommended plan for the transition look like? • What does the critical path look like? • When are you going to do what?

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Setup for success

• How are you set up for success? • How to navigate the digital roadmap and how to set your team up for success • What capabilities does the future platform require? • Which competences should be kept inhouse and which should be outsourced?

The output of the process

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    Strategy and growth initiatives

    An overview of the strategy and growth initiatives that is easy to communicate

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    Structure and current issues

    Overview of the current structure and current issues that prevent digital initiatives.

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    Performance and areas of improvement

    Overview of your current performance and areas of improvement that can create growth

  • Platform recommendations

    Recommendations of future platforms

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    Project charter

    Project charter, which includes an overview of the various projects

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    Management areas

    Management areas, management systems that measure effects and competencies

Selected companies we have helped with a digital roadmap