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IT architecture

IT with a business focus. We build digital solutions on a flexible and future-proof IT architecture.

Your IT architecture is crucial

At Novicell, we build our customer solutions based on a flexible and future-proof IT architecture. In this way, we ensure that it is easy for you to develop and optimise your IT architecture on an ongoing basis - as the company's needs and the demands of the outside world change.

Novicell’s IT architects

Novicell's IT architects provide advice to create a connection between our customers' business vision and the technology that will bring the business and the organisation to life. The architects maintain a targeted focus on what the digital landscape must solve, and are an important resource for sustainable and agile IT development.

What does an IT architect do at Novicell

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    Assesses IT decisions

    Ensures that IT development and changes take place against the background of creating value for the business by defining rules and standards that the organisation works in accordance with.

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    Prioritises, documents and integrates technology

    Identifies systems in use and decides whether they should be integrated into the IT landscape, replaced with other technology or retired.

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    Optimises performance for systems

    Analyses flows and optimisation options to create the fastest possible data flows for the least possible money.

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    Defines data models and needs

    Identifies data sources and data formats and evaluates them against business needs.

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    Ensures compliance and security

    Establishes processes and ownership for new processes when there are changes to legislation, market requirements or competitive conditions and ensures that security standards are met.

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    Breaking down the silos

    Consolidates data centrally and enables data sharing between systems and projects.

White paper 'Accelerating Your Rate of Innovation Through Composable, Pace-Layered and MACH-Based Architecture'

There is a tendency to keep fixing the IT systems to try and squeeze a few more miles out of them – knowing that the systems are no longer the best to support the business's growth and opportunities to sell, for example, to new customers or new business models.

- Adam Peter Nielsen, CTO, Novicell

Naturally, this does not stand alone, because there are ways to build a digital infrastructure to support the business' growth opportunities. In this white paper, you can read about composable, pace-layered, and MACH-based architecture, as well as digital architecture methods that ensure business competitiveness, maneuverability, and growth opportunities. And which is gaining traction internationally, at a fast pace.

You can download the white paper "Architecture of the Future. Accelerating Your Rate of Innovation Through Composable, Pace-Layered and MACH-Based Architecture" here. We believe it is a must-read for board members and those who advise them.