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Novicell has 20 years of experience of helping companies in the experience industry to achieve online visibility, conversions and to put together a good customer experience across the online and offline channels.

Differentiation has become a key word when the battle for guests' attention is to be won in the experience industry. Digitally, guests expect engagement, ease of use and personalisation – and if they don't find it, other experiences are just a click away. It therefore pays to have good control of your customer segments, of the ability to communicate relevantly to them and collect and understand data that shows which of your initiatives are working.

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expect consistent experiences across channels

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will pay more for a premium experience

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of companies say that they are finding it difficult to meet consumers' digital needs

Extend experiences through digitalisation. We live in a digital world where the potential for personalised experiences has reached new heights and where the online and offline worlds must merge seamlessly. This gives the industry unique opportunities, but also places great demands on digital skills. The coordinates of your experience business can be decisively shifted by gaining control over data, customer segments and a good experience.

Important digital trends in the experience industry

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    Instead of a standard solution for the many, consumers expect services, products and communication adapted to their individual needs.

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    Online + Offline

    A fusion of online and offline is increasingly used across companies in travel & leisure to extend experiences, attract customers and secure repeat customers.

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    A strong technological ecosystem

    Assembling the right tools to ensure that internal and external processes run as efficiently as possible should be a top strategic priority.

Novicell offers a range of services and solutions that help your company move forward digitally. For instance, we can help you with:

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    Websites and website development

    Your web platform is important - such as for ordering, purchasing and booking. It must be user-friendly, easy to work with internally and integrate into both internal and external systems.

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    Digital advertising

    Online visibility and conversions are cornerstones of the experience industry. We can take total responsibility for your online presence or help you with parts of it, such as choosing the right advertising strategy so that you attract the most quality traffic to your website.

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    Inbound Marketing

    It is a discipline to be able to communicate relevantly in order to attract, convert and retain guests in the business. Fortunately, there are many good tools and experiences to make use of.

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    UX and design

    The website is an important source of inspiration when free time is about experiences. We help ensure that inspiration also turns into a purchase. We do this by making your website inviting and constructing it based on tried-and-tested UX principles.

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    Branding and communication

    The story is important when you want to win the guests' free time. As an experience business, you likely have a high and changing frequency of content. We help you get closer to your guests with messages that hit home, remain anchored and provoke change.

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    Data-driven marketing

    Do you have control of your Customer Lifetime Value? Are you segmenting your guests using data? Understanding your guests and guests' behaviour is crucial for you to be able to scale up and down for the right initiatives.

Selected companies in the experience industry that we have helped:

I use Novicell both as a sparring partner and supplier. The online channel is an increasingly important part of our business, and we are more than satisfied with the results created in a combined effort of development and online marketing.

Marianne Hofmann, Online Marketing Manager
Hotel Vejlefjord

If you have the ambition, we have the experience and the specialists

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    At Novicell, we have many years of international experience of advising, constructing brands and creating digital solutions for companies in the experience industry.

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    As a technology-independent partner, we can advise you all the way from strategy to technology selection and architecture to implementation, customer service and operation.