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Google Shopping

Improve your online advertising with Google Shopping

Google Shopping for webshops

Google Shopping is a must for you anyone who operates a webshop. At Novicell, we are a Google Premier Partner 2022, which means that we are one of the top 3% best Google Ads consultants in Denmark. We help our customers with the necessary setup, ongoing optimisation and measurement of the results from Google Ads, so you are sure you get the right benefits from your advertising.

What is er Google Shopping?

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    What is er Google Shopping? Effective form of advertising for webshops

    Google Shopping is an extremely effective form of advertising for webshops, as it allows you to show product images and prices to your customers directly in the search results.

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    Data from your webshop

    The campaigns in Google Shopping use data from your webshop to design the ads, including with product titles, descriptions, stock status, size, shipping costs, retail price, etc.

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    Display of advertisements

    Google uses this product information as well as the bidding and machine learning to determine whether your product should be displayed on a given search.

  • Product optimisation

    Therefore, it is incredibly important that the webshop and the products themselves are optimised to get the best experience and performance with Google Shopping.

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    Where are they displayed?

    In addition to being displayed in the search result itself, Shopping ads are also displayed in the "Shopping" tab of Google's search engine.

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    Other locations

    Google Shopping ads can also be included in advertising on other channels, e.g. banner ads (Display) and video ads, where the products are shown as a kind of "overlay" on the ads.

Why you should choose Novicell to help you with Google Shopping

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    We have a close collaboration with Google, where we are always up to date with the latest options and have the expertise required for implementation.

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    We have over 10 years of experience with Google Ads and have in-depth knowledge of setting up, operating and optimising Google Shopping campaigns and ads.

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    We measure everything

    It is crucial for us to measure and act on everything we do. Why? Because our solutions must result in growth and business development for our customers.

Selected companies we have helped with Google Shopping

What does Google Shopping require?

Google Shopping campaigns are created inside Google Ads, but require a number of connections to function. First of all, it requires that your webshop can publish a usable product feed with the right information about your products. Next, an account must be created at Google Merchant Center, which acts as a link between your webshop and your Google Shopping campaigns.

Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is a form of inventory for your webshop products. Here you can see for example whether the right information is submitted in the product feed, if there are errors in the product feed or if there are many rejected products. After that, you can continuously optimise your product feed and make sure that it is the right information that is sent to Google Ads. Google Shopping also requires that your webshop has implemented an SSL certificate. That is your website runs https instead of http, i.e. "secure connection".

This is how Google Shopping works

Through the product feed, which is uploaded to Google Merchant Center, products are retrieved for Shopping ads, which are managed in Google Ads. The Google Shopping feed can either be a static file, which is updated manually, delivered via a tool such as DataFeedWatch, or an XML feed with automatic extraction from your shop. Fortunately, most major webshop systems send out an XML feed, which is automatically updated with the product information from your webshop, so you don't have to manually upload new files to the Google Merchant Center all the time.

What do I get out of using Google Shopping?

Google Shopping can contribute to a large profit on the bottom line.
Google Shopping campaigns are often the campaign type in Google Ads that gives the greatest conversion value for webshops.

The results speak for themselves for 5 of our larger customers who use Google Shopping ads:

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Increase in conversion rate

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Increase in transactions

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Higher sales

We therefore have no doubt. If you have a webshop, you should set up Google Shopping campaigns. Through work with a number of large Danish and foreign webshops, we have found that Google Shopping ads often have a higher ROI and click rate for products than search ads. This is not least due to the possibility of advertising directly on products with a picture, price and product information.

Other benefits with Google Shopping:

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    Targeted advertising on all your products

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    Up-to-date information

    Automatic product feed with up-to-date product information

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    High conversion rate

    High conversion rate, among other things, due to the visual presentation

  • More touch points

    Frame your target audience at several points in the sales funnel

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    Remarketing advertising

    Bid on relevant segments based on their past behaviour (RLSA)

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    Performance comparison

    Option to compare performance relative to the competitors in the bidding auctions