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Google Tag Manager

An effective tracking tool for impact measurement.

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is an effective tracking tool for impact measurement. It allows you to set up tracking on your most important measurement points - for example subscriptions, shares, video starts and purchases - so you can keep an eye on whether you are reaching the goals for your online channel. The very precise data that you collect on your visitors' behaviour using 'tags' is displayed in a clear way in Google Analytics. It has thus never been easier to form an overview of your online channel's performance - and work with a structured KPI setup.

What you can use the tool for

With Tag Manager, you have the opportunity to measure the impact of a number of functions on your website or webshop by measuring the user's behaviour. When a user's behaviour is registered and given a tag/predicate, rules are set up in the form of 'triggers'. They determine when a tag is triggered and send the data to your Google Analytics account.

With Tag Manager you have, among other things, options for:

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    Ecommerce tracking

    Setting up ecommerce tracking

  • Message text icon


    Following scrolls on a page

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    Measuring 'click to mailto' links

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    Measuring clicks on images

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    Measuring clicks on the gallery/slider

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    Measuring the use of forms

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    Setting up AdWords Remarketing

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    3rd party tools

    Setting up 'send data to 3rd party’ tools

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    Outbound link

    Measuring outbound link clicks

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    Social icons

    Measuring clicks on social icons

Clear control panel

Another advantage of Google Tag Manager is the very clear control panel, which means that practically everyone - even those without coding skills - can work with Tag Manager. This means that you can save both time and money with your developer and instead allocate resources to prepare even better campaigns and increase your business exposure.

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