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Google Analytics

Business online starts with data, and for many people Google Analytics is the core of data for their website or app.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics has been a product since 2005, when Google acquired Urchin, and it has evolved into the most popular web analytics product in the world. Google Analytics is a valuable tool almost no matter what you do in online marketing and the web. Be it content marketing, ecommerce, conversion optimisation, web development, advertising or something else entirely. All online marketing can and should be measured, and with Google Analytics you can get help to keep track of your data. In Analytics, you can for example obtain information about how many users visit your website, where they come from and how long they stay on the site.

Some of the reasons for the popularity of Google Analytics

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    It is free

    There is, however, a premium model called 360, but it is only relevant for a fraction of websites.

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    Simple implementation

    It only requires one script to be inserted across the site.

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    Useful data

    There is tons of useful data to delve into

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    There are great synergy effects with other Google products

    Such as Google Ads, Doubleclick, Adsense, Search Console, Google Optimize etc.

Start by setting up your account

The setup of Google Analytics can be simple or complex, depending on the website in question. Therefore, a correctly set up account is of great importance to be sure that Analytics measures the factors that add value to your website. A Google Analytics account that from the start tracks all your pages and actions - also on different language layers or across properties - is the best analysis foundation.

With an Analytics account you get:

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    Overall statistics

    You get an overview of the overall statistics on your website

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    Set up campaigns

    Set up campaigns It is easy to see the results and objectives of your set up campaigns

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    Live update on visitors, both on your desktop and mobile

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    Website speed

    Website speed Statistics on your website’s performance

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    Accurate segmentation of your visitors

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    Summary of your conversions

At the same time, you will get answers to:

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    Where do the visitors to your site come from?

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    Which pages attract the visitors?

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    Where do they disappear

    Where do the visitors disappear to again?

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    Which companies visit your website?

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    How do visitors convert?

How does Novicell work with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the go-to analysis tool for approximately 9 out of 10 of our customers, and our consultants have analysed traffic, channels, performance and much more across hundreds of accounts; from small startups to giant ecommerce behemoths with billions in revenue.

This ensures both an insight into typical pitfalls regarding the collection and understanding of new and more advanced features, which means that business decisions can be made on a far more qualified basis. As Google Analytics can in many cases seem overwhelming for customers, we therefore also often offer to supplement Google Analytics by extracting the most important data into dashboards and data visualisation tools, such as Data Studio, Klipfolio, Geckoboard or PowerBI. In this way, the individual customer receives the data that has value for his/her business visualised – without too much interference. We also offer courses where customers are taught how to extract valuable data from Google Analytics themselves.

Why choose Novicell?

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    Google Analytics

    Optimal setup of Google Analytics - check current installation or optimal setup of a new one

  • Introduction

    Introduction to the tool

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    Setting up filters

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    Web statistics

    Web statistics that support business goals

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    Customised reports

    Option of customised reports

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    Company leads

    Option of attracting company leads

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