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7IM is an investment management company that helps financial advisers, business owners and individuals manage their capital to meet their financial needs. 7IM were looking for a new website that could raise awareness of their new products and services. They sought to align these initiatives with a refreshed website look that was coherent across 7IM’s key distribution channels.

Revived look and feel

A brand new website running on our very own Umbraco Premium

Umbraco Premium upgrade

7IM were running their website on an outdated Sitecore solution that no longer matched their business vision or purpose. Based on our recommendations, 7IM opted for Umbraco Premium as their CMS solution. This would provide 7IM with the correct functionality for an engaging user experience, whilst also saving them time and money.

Quality across the board

The new site, 7IM.co.uk, includes a main corporate area where advisors, clients and other stakeholders can access information about 7IM at their fingertips. In addition, there are now three new core sites that can be visited from the corporate site or accessed directly: 7IM for financial advisors, 7IM for clients, and 7IM for private clients.  

What we did

Umbraco Premium: simple backend, low-cost

With Premium’s preconfigured modules, 7IM was able to merge their different websites and add new sections quickly and easily. This reduced the amount of time spent on developing the website as well as the total costs. Furthermore, the process of uploading and managing content for 7IM’s content team has become much easier and faster.

New content and interactive tools

We introduced new content into the website to help a wider range of advisors and clients across 7IM’s target audience. We supported 7IM with the content process by reviewing their existing content in terms of structure, relevance and recommending which content should be migrated.

SEO to increase 7IM’s visibility

We conducted an SEO review for generated traffic and conversion improvement. By reviewing the structure and applicability of all 7IM content, we helped to increase the page rankings and earn more relevant traffic from search engines.

Retirement Income Calculator

The new 7IM website features a retirement income calculator that automatically produces a report for financial advisors to present to existing or prospective clients. This has worked to drive and engage traffic to 7IM’s website and business channels and is now a vital tool for financial advisors.  

screenshot of website with fields

"The process of building the new website was exceptional. It was a huge task and project, but the collaboration with Novicell has been smooth throughout. We never felt like we were a client, but more that Novicell was an extension of our digital team. The focus was always on how we can create the best experience for our clients, with Novicell challenging us in the right way and in the right places to achieve that."

Kieran Cardozo-Smith, Digital Product Manager