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Paid Search

Paid search is a powerful component in your digital marketing strategy. It can be an incredibly cost-effective way to reach potential customers and drive traffic to your site.

We are data-driven paid search specialists

We are digital specialists with extensive experience in paid search management and PPC advertising. Our consultants have a pragmatic approach to paid marketing combining creativity and data insights. We’ll ensure successful budget tracking while prioritising creative ad copy and concepts that overshadow your competition. We offer a full range of paid search advertising and management services to suit you.

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We’re experts in all major areas of paid search

  • Google Ads

    Do you want to drive high volume and qualified traffic to your website? Then you need to be visible in the world’s largest search engine and advertise on Google Ads. As a certified partner with a wealth of experience, we have the capability of driving excellent results for your business.

  • Microsoft Advertising

    Microsoft Advertising (formerly known as Bing Advertising) is the second most popular global search engine. Despite a smaller market share, Microsoft can deliver strong and cost-effective results for your business.

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    Paid Search on Amazon helps both sellers and brands on the Amazon Marketplace promote their products. Nearly half of all product searches start on Amazon, so this is a very valuable place to sell your products.

Why invest in paid search?

Paid search (also known as PPC and Pay-per-click) is an advertising model used to drive traffic to generate sales and leads on your website. It is a form of digital marketing that allows you to bid on specific keywords and phrases that users search for. 

Unlike traditional advertising, which has limited opportunities to track sales, paid search can be tracked accurately. That’s why it's important for businesses of all sizes to develop an effective paid search strategy as part of their overall digital marketing plan. 

Benefits of paid search

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Drive immediate traffic, increase leads and website conversions


Maintain tight control over your budget

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Easy to measure and track

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Have optimal control over targeting and ad copy

We research, optimise and manage your paid search ads

Your paid search strategy must be routinely managed to maximise ad performance. We offer paid search management to look after your advertising campaigns as they mature, helping you to reduce ad spending and optimise performance over time.   We recommend combining paid search management and search engine optimisation (SEO) for maximum online business growth.

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Re-marketing ads

With re-marketing, there are no missed opportunities. Re-marketing for search ads (RSLA) is a Google Ads feature that allows you to position your search campaigns in places your users search regularly. It's a proven approach to boosting conversions and attracting your competitors’ customers. We can assist you in setting up retargeting ads in multiple formats. You can target based on how long previous users have been on your site or by those who have visited websites highly related to your products or services.

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