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Manufacturing companies

Novicell helps manufacturing companies market and sell often customised products to the international market. Digitalisation enables new sales and distribution models - not least selling directly to end customers.

Does your manufacturing company offer its customers the option of ordering products online? Traditionally, manufacturing companies have had good control over the digitalisation of internal administrative processes, and have only to a lesser extent made active use of digitalisation as leverage for customer-oriented sales. But professional customers have, within the last few years, begun to demand the option of ordering online. This demand is here to stay.

The manufacturing industry is characterised by the fact that 40% of the companies have a business model based wholly or partly on customised solutions - i.e. the product is only produced after the order has been placed in accordance with the agreed configuration. Even for these companies, there are ample opportunities to digitalise sales.

chart icon 74 0 %

of all industrial buyers research at least their purchases online

buy icon 20 0 %

of all professional purchases will take place online from 2025


Digitalisation opens new doors in the manufacturing industry

New online services give consumers such good experiences that the bar has been raised for what can be expected, also in the role as a professional buyer. It must be easy, transparent, engaging, user-friendly and not least in real time. The transition from traditional sales to digital sales is happening now, and it is a competitive advantage to be at the forefront.

Important digital trends within Manufacturing

The business concepts of manufacturing companies are clearly developing. E-commerce is increasingly considered a key factor in the sales process on the B2B market, where online interaction with partners and end consumers creates completely new opportunities.
The customer experience, which is delivered through traditional channels must also be available on the digital platforms.
The digital channels are actually expected to be the dominant sales channels as early as 2025.
Digitalisation, agility and Big Data have left their mark on daily operations.

The key to success and efficient business processes can be found, among other things, in a carefully selected mix best-of-breed platforms for handling both internal and external activities. All this and more is required by the technological possibilities.
Cloud in particular has become a new buzzword in the industry due to the completely unique possibilities to scale up and down according to market needs.

Below we have compiled an illustration of the most important trends in the industry.
If you are interested in knowing what this means for your company, contact us.

Novicell offers a range of services and solutions that help your company move forward digitally. For instance, we can help you with:

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    Digital roadmap

    The digital road map is the management tool that creates a connection between business strategy and the concrete projects that must execute the strategy in practice. We help determine the direction and break down ambitions into concrete projects - and phases that match the business case

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    Create the digital foundation

    As manufacturing companies increase digitalisation with respect to customers, having their IT architecture in place becomes a competitive parameter. We help set the right target image for the tech stack, which reflects business needs and investment budget

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    Online sales

    Choosing a commerce engine is important for manufacturing companies to drive customer-facing digitalisation. We help make the many technological options visible so that the platform matches requirements, for instance in relation to direct sales, partner sales, global sales and customised solutions

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    Control of product master data

    A turning point in digitalisation is the PIM system with knowledge of the products that are sold. We help ensure that the selection and implementation of the PIM system also takes into account how sales are made. It can be direct sales, but also through partners, where automated product data of the right quality helps with additional sales

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    Relevance for your customers

    Relevance is the key word for entering into a dialogue with potential customers. Inbound Marketing is a method where leads are attracted through demonstrating competence and value through, for example, effective interaction, online channels, your own website, physical events and effective tools for lead management

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    Data-driven business development

    Most companies are experiencing an explosion in data. At the same time, many are finding it difficult to convert data into insights that can be used to make choices so that operations are run better. We have tried-and-tested methods for concentrating efforts where the significance for the development of the business is most important. We love turning complex data structures into concise and fact-based advice.

An example of how to get started selling customised solutions online:

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1. Establishment of a CPQ platform

Establish the foundation in the back office that enables the screen to turn strategically towards the market and the customers. This is achieved through a CPQ platform that replaces Excel sheets by taking structured care of Configuration, Pricing and Quoting. This improves the transition from sales to production by minimising wrong orders, reducing lead time and at the same time providing full transparency in even quite complex quotation processes.

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2. The configurator is taken online

The configurator is taken online and turned towards the market as a marketing engine. It provides an opportunity to engage with new potential customers and demonstrate skills in a "trial configurator" - it provides traffic and the relevance will result in qualified leads

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3. The configurator as a self-service portal

The configurator can not only be targeted at new potential customers, but also as sales to existing customers who can use the configurator as a self-service portal. Offers will be given to the customer with customer-specific prices, after which the internal salesperson will be able to review the final details of the offer before the offer is converted into an order.

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4. Spare parts and services in the after-sales phase

The after-sales phase is absolutely essential to give the customer a good service experience and increase customer value. Based on the known configured solutions that have already been purchased by the customer, relevant spare parts and service solutions can be offered

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Selected manufacturing companies we have helped:

With the new ege.dk, we have a visually attractive website that has been praised by our customers. It is important to us, because we are a design company that must be able to inspire. At the same time, we have made the right integrations for our marketing systems, so that we can now offer interested customers more help earlier in the process.

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Jan Magdal Poulsen, Group Marketing Director
Ege Carpets

If you have the ambition, we have the experience and the specialists

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    At Novicell, we have more than 20 years of experience of advising and creating digital solutions and commerce for B2B and manufacturing companies.

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    As a technology-independent partner, we can advise you all the way from strategy to technology selection and architecture to implementation, customer service and operation.